Hosting The Perfect Dinner Party- 10 Things You Need To Remember

If you’re planning on hosting a dinner party, running through a quick checklist can save you time, effort, and may even save you from the embarrassment of being unprepared. Remember to take every little detail into account, because the little things will make your dinner party enjoyable, and memorable. Hosting a dinner party can be stressful, but if succeed, the feeling is beyond rewarding.

1. Don’t Experiment In The Kitchen

The worst case scenario is having your guests show up for burnt/undercooked food.

A good rule of thumb when preparing a meal for your dinner party is to cook something you have experience preparing. After all, your guests are coming to enjoy good company; The food should be delicious, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

2. Offer Coffee And Tea

After your guests get done with a long day of work, they might be exhausted by the time they get to your dinner party. Make sure you’re able to offer coffee or tea to your guests within the first 10 minutes of arrival.

3. Clean The House

Most people won’t tell you that they think your house is messy to be polite, but people do notice. Make sure you have your space clean and organized, before hosting your dinner party.

If you have to say, “Sorry for the mess” when your guests enter, you’ve made a mistake by inviting them.

4. Watch The Whiskers

Having your pets around for your dinner party can really make your guests happy — As long as they are well behaved.

If your pets have a history of biting, scratching, or making too much noise, it’s best to keep them in another room away from your guests.

5. Make A Playlist

Having music ready is very important when hosting any social event. Music adds to the atmosphere and can make your dinner party more enjoyable.

Jessica Suarez, playlist editor at Google Play, says that you should build your playlist with songs that will play well after each other. Don’t just make up a playlist of your favorite songs and remember to select music that matches the energy of the party, choose something upbeat so your guests don’t fall asleep.

6. Ask Guests To Bring Accessories — NOT Necessities

Your guests will likely ask if there is anything they can bring to the party. This is helpful since it can really take the pressure off of you when you’re trying to get everything ready.

If you’re going to ask your guests to bring something, ask them to bring nonessentials. The host should be responsible for providing everything a great dinner party needs. You wouldn’t want the guest that’s bringing the main course to cancel; This would make you look bad, since you are the host.

7. Plan The Seating

This one may seem obvious, but many hosts will neglect to plan out the seating arrangements for their party.

Have a seat available for every person planning on attending at the table, and in the living room.

8. Light Some Candles

Candles are a great addition to the atmosphere of your dinner party. They add a nice touch to the aesthetic of the room, and your guests will be greeted with a pleasant scent as soon as they arrive.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to avoid candles that smell like food. You wouldn’t want the smell of your candle competing with the delicious aroma of your cooking. Instead, choose a light scent that matches the season.

9. Filtered Or Bottled Water

When planning your dinner party, it can be easy to forget the little things.

Remember to have water available for your guests. Most people don’t want to drink tap water from your sink, so a good idea may be to have bottled water for your guests to grab-and-go from a fridge or mini-cooler, or to attach a water filter to the faucet.

10. Offer Dessert

Dessert is essential at a dinner party, it will just make your guests that much happier…

Quick Tip:

If you offer your guest something and they decline, don’t pry by asking them if they’re sure. Simply inform them where they can find it if they happen to change their mind.




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Iron Canteen

Iron Canteen

Iron Canteen is dedicated to providing useful content and a community that improves the lifestyles of men around the world. Main site is

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